TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING BUCHAREST (UTCB) is a higher education institution accredited as a higher education institution that carries out research activities and is part of the National Research-Development System.


For a good functioning of the research processes, within UTCB, the Management Center of Research, Development and Innovation (CMCDI) was founded. CMCDI is an autonomous research, design and study organization, without legal personality and operating on the regulations of the National Education Law 1/2011, the University Charter and the Organization and Functioning Regulation.



Scientific research has become an intrinsic component of university activity and a sine-qua non condition for university performance. The relevance of research results, scientometrically measured through publications in impact factor journals, grants / research projects won through competition and patents recognized and applied in industry, is what positions the university in the rankings, brings complementary and additional funding and provides academic prestige. These arguments ensure that concerns for scientific research have a privileged place between the university's activities and as well as an important attention. UTCB's scientific research activity has the following components: (i) fundamental and applied research; (ii) development (of innovative products and services) and (iii) innovation (transfer to the socio-economic environment of innovative products and services). The UTCB research addresses the objectives set out in the National Strategic Framework for Research, Development and Innovation (SNCDI) 2021-2027 and in the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation Horizon Europe (2021-2027). Research activities can be funded from both public funds through the per-mentioned programs and industry.