Starting from the social dimension of higher education and from the need of society to benefit from quality educational and research services in the field of constructions for its sustainable development, the fundamental mission assumed by the Technical University of Constructions Bucharest (UTCB) is to be a national training center for new generations of specialists and high-performance scientific research in the fields of constructions, seismic protection, road construction, installations, construction equipment, land measurements, environmental protection, urban engineering and others.


The engineering industry is the main beneficiary of UTCB's educational and research processes and therefore the connection with the business environment - where most University graduates will apply their knowledge and research will have results - is extremely important for the training of specialists, respecting the requirements for insertion on the labor market.


The annual event organized in partnership with the Federation of Employers' Federation of Building Companies - (FPSC), starting in 2016, Excellence in Education Awards Gala at UTCB sends an important message: values deserve to be valued and rewarded, and their ranking in academia and everywhere in society, it must always be done according to objective criteria, which guarantee a fair assessment of the merits.
Retrospective (2016-2019):
Gala Premiilor de Excelenţă în Educaţie şi Cercetare la UTCB 


Media visibility:
Revista Market Watch, Nr. 201, ianaurie–februarie 2018

Agerpress press release:
Comunicat de presă - Universitatea Tehnică de Construcţii Bucureşti, 19.01.2020